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Hydrogen is the most energy-rich gas and is currently considered to be a good candidate to replace fossil fuels. Currently, the most common processes used for hydrogen generation require the decomposition of natural gas or electrolysis of water. Such methods produce undesirable by-products or require considerable expense. Free hydrogen has long thought to be rare on Earth... untill recently.

We have identified thousands of sites in the USA and in other countries, where natural hydrogen gas is seeping out of shallow surface depressions. These range in size from a hundred meters to several kilometers in diameter and there are hundreds of thousands of these structures worldwide. We tested some of them for the presence of hydrogen and, using the data we obtained, we estimated the flow of hydrogen gas. To validate our discovery with the scientific community, we have published selected results in quality research journals.
carolina bays2
One example of hydrogen seepages: on this satellite picture of the Atlantic coast of the USA, there are outlined structures, called Carolina bays. We studied many of them and demonstrated that they are seeping moleculra hydrogen gas. 
Our results show that extraction of this gas will be profitable. For the exploration of this potential new source of energy, we created a company in the USA, called Natural Hydrogen Energy Ltd.
Members of our international team are geologists, chemists and engineers. All are well qualified, with advanced degrees, and have spent many years in hydrogen research and published many scientific papers in the field of our study. We have extensive knowledge of natural hydrogen and lots of "know-how". Combined, we have more than eighty years of experience and constantly expanding our knowledge in ongoing research collaborations with leading universities.
our team
Several members of our team during a field study of hydrogen seepages. Left to right: Viacheslav Zgonnik, Charles Odendhal, Nikolay Larin.
After several years of intensive research, our team selected the most promising geological sites with natural hydrogen seeps. We plan to drill into these sites with high rates of hydrogen emissions, and expect to extract substantial quantities of hydrogen. It is necessary to mention that there are already working examples of the extraction of natural hydrogen from wells. 
We then expect to employ several processes by which the hydrogen can be further used either like a primary energy source or like a valuable chemical compound. We expect to realize a useful return on investment. 
Natural hydrogen should be able to provide considerable benefits and improve the living conditions of mankind in a manner far exceeding that of fossil fuels, for eons into the future.