Currently, NH2E is seeking like-minded individuals or companies with an interest in joining in a discovery drilling program that may create a new industry with high profits.

Market opportunity:
There are three broad categories of industrial hydrogen markets: by-product, merchant hydrogen, and captive. Total U.S. production of merchant (delivered) hydrogen in 2015 was $18.2 billion. The forecast for the U.S. merchant hydrogen market is relatively robust, with a 4.6% of compound annual growth rate in million tons produced from 2015 to 2020.
There is a growing demand for clean hydrogen gas resulting from the rapidly emerging market of clean technologies, such as fuel cells used in passenger cars, trucks, buses, trains and even locomotives, boats, forklifts, airplanes and other devices which can function on hydrogen. Hydrogen can even be used directly to power electric generators and internal combustion engines; which would operate with little wear.
Currently, the most common process used for hydrogen generation requires the decomposition of natural gas (resulting in the release of CO2). This accounts for 5% of US natural gas consumption. There is also the electrolysis of water, which is more expensive, but useful for localized sites, like refueling stations. Such methods produce undesirable by-products or require considerable expense. There is a real need for cheap, clean and sustainable hydrogen.
Instead of drilling for natural gas and transforming it into hydrogen gas, which would be more expensive and capital consuming, we propose to drill directly for clean, natural hydrogen.
It should be noted that there are already several examples of hydrogen-producing wells in the world providing power to electric generators; all drilled accidently.
NH2E has numerous potentially profitable mineral leases in several states and approved drilling permits. This project has the possibility of providing a cost-effective boost to the hydrogen economy. By participating in it, you will be among the first to unveil the potential of this new resource to the world.

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