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New scientific article about hydrogen-seeping structures

Members of our venture took part in this research. We are proud that our company's name is figuring in this scientific article!
Recently published in the scientific journal Natural Resources Research article on natural hydrogen. This article reports natural hydrogen gas seepage from within the earth. A previously unknown natural phenomenon.

Hydrogen-seeping structures

Image: Satellite picture of hydrogen-seeping structures. 

Hydrogen was discovered seeping from within shallow, circular, surface depressions, ranging in size from 100 to 3000 m. Using portable gas detectors and sampling soil gas for analysis in the laboratory, authors found that concentrations of hydrogen were very high inside the borders of these structures, whereas hydrogen was not detected outside their borders. Estimates show the flow could be as high as 27 000 m3 hydrogen per day in one of these surface depressions.
To explain why the flow of hydrogen gas is so high inside the borders, authors examined several hypotheses. They say it is most likely that the hydrogen is rising from great depths and it may be of primordial origin, trapped by the Earth's during its formation. The examined flows appear to be sustainable, perhaps good for thousands of years.
The number of structures of these types is impressively large. They are detectable on all continents, including United States territory, where research work has been done and will be published soon.