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Natural hydrogen discoveries revealed in new French book

A new book about natural hydrogen has just appeared in France. Its title is "Natural hydrogen. Next energy revolution?" (in French Hydrogène naturel. La prochaine révolution énergétique ?). The authors are from the French Institute of Petroleum and New Energies. They write about the discovery of natural hydrogen seeps, previously unknown to science, and discuss the possibility of natural hydrogen becoming the next significant source of energy.


Abstract: This book offers details about an exceptional discovery, the emissions of natural hydrogen from within our planet in large quantities. Five years ago, the authors of this book, both geologists, got a message from their Russian team that this gas escapes from the ground everywhere in Russia. In addition, satellite images and field measurements allowed them to detect significant flows on all continents! This was a big surprise to everyone because experts have always considered that this gas would not be formed in the crust. The benefits of hydrogen are numerous: its combustion does not release carbon dioxide, its genesis in the basement is ongoing - whereas oil reserves are being depleted - and its operation does not require deep drilling. How to explain such hydrogen flow? How to exploit this gas? Could the fact of finding it in abundance make it possible that this could become an industrial activity? It is to these questions and many others that this book offers answers. Are we are at the beginning of a new energy revolution?