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Nikola Motor to build 364 filling stations for hydrogen trucks

The biggest boost to the hydrogen fuel industry in the United States could come from a builder of trucks, Nikola Motor Co. They announced development of “Nikola One,” a hydrogen fuel cell tractor truck, which captured the public’s attention with its potential to radically improve emissions and efficiency.

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New hydrogen truck from Nikola Motors

Even before a running prototype was shown, they received 7,300 pre-orders.

In December 2016, they presented their first heavy duty truck, which can travel 800 to 1,200 miles without refueling, while carrying a full load of 65,000 pounds. Moreover, Nikola revealed their plans to construct 364 hydrogen filling stations across the USA. They plan to start building new stations in January 2018, with the sites expected to be in service by late 2019. The stations will also be available to fill other fuel cell vehicles, with a refill time of only 15 minutes.

With 364 hydrogen filling stations in operation, production of natural hydrogen will perfectly fit into this emerging market of clean fuels with its much lower cost product.