NATURAL HYDROGEN is a newly discovered geological source of sustainable and non-fossil energy


Hydrogen is generated by a natural geochemical process inside the Earth’s crust, and because of this it is a sustainable and inexhaustible source. Moreover, helium is often present in high concentrations within hydrogen accumulations.


Our project has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, as a part of thousand solutions to change the World.

11 2020

Instead of drilling for fossil fuel we drill directly for natural hydrogen and associated helium


Our first exploratory well was successfully drilled in 2019. It provided us with unique information about these types of prospects.


Today we have the expertise and know-how to successfully identify and drill for hydrogen accumulations and related minerals.


We are exploring geological sources of natural hydrogen with the goal to extract it for mankind's benefit

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  • Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC is a pioneer in the field of exploration for geologically occurring hydrogen. We are guest speakers, lecturers and ambassadors for the proliferation of natural hydrogen as a source of clean energy.
  • In summary, members of our team have completed more than 20 years of research. We have extensive knowledge, conclusive data and proven results. Geologists from our team first predicted and then discovered a new, previously unknown natural phenomenon: many locations along the Earth’s crust seep significant quantities of molecular hydrogen gas.
  • Because it is an odorless, invisible, tasteless, non-toxic and most importantly, a very diffusive gas, naturally occurring H2 has long been thought to be rare on Earth. Its quantity was largely underestimated and therefore almost never studied. Recognizing this phenomenon, our scientists continue our work in order to change this misconception and have published data to this effect. Now the situation is quickly evolving such that other researchers have started to study natural hydrogen and are beginning to understand its significance.
  • Natural hydrogen is a renewable source of clean energy. It is continuously generated in the depths of the Earth via inorganic reactions that have been active for millions of years and will remain so in the future. Therefore it is not necessary to consume energy to generate natural hydrogen, unlike all other types of hydrogen. For this reason natural hydrogen (also called white hydrogen) will be cheaper to produce than all current alternatives (e.g. gray, green, blue, etc.). Its use will not generate any pollution and will reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation and chemical industry.
  • We believe that natural hydrogen has the potential to offset the use or replace fossil fuels in totality, therefore the benefits are on a planetary scale.
  • Moreover, helium in commercial concentrations is often associated with hydrogen. It is a valuable, but very scarce resource and its reserves are limited. Demand is growing faster than current supply.
  • To explore for this, Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC was formed in the United States nine years ago. After several years of intensive research, our team selected and obtained mineral leases over several promising geological sites. Our first exploratory drilling was successfully completed and we are now working to start commercial production.
  • Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC is the first company throughout all of the Americas to purposely drill for natural hydrogen!